We're incubating emerging talent and designing great experiences.

Using this purpose-driven agency model, we take a business or customer problem, shape it into a design challenge, deliver a great Experience Design solution and everyone gains a positive outcome. 


A talent incubator

Velvet Onion is a talent incubator that's also an Experience Design Agency for emerging Service Designers, UX Designers & UI Designers.

As demand for senior talent increases, the pool of talented Designers is often overlooked for more experienced talent.


Why a talent incubator?

With a shortage of talented, job-ready designers, the demand for experienced Experience Designers is growing year on year and with this growth, senior level salaries are skyrocketing.

Education is the first step, real world context is the second step.


we're solving many problems.

The industry needs more Designers. Mentors want to mentor. Recently finished Design students need experience; yet the industry is competing for already established talent.

Working with our partners at Academy Xi, we're building bridges and bridging gaps.


It's a win-win-win scenario.